Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scudderly Ridiculous

So, Nan and Barb Mac and I go to Larry's Pizza the other night. Wow. They bring all this pizza around and it is to died for. You know ppl in Virginia don't even know what dessert pizza is?

Before we went to Larry's Pizza we went to AMMC and heard a lady "story teller" who goes around the country telling stories for a living. Don't you think that I would be good at that? Telling stories for a living? My mom and dad provide enough stuff to keep me telling stories for years.

I have been relaxing in the pool today. I just got out so that Tyler and Heather could have some friends over. Anyway my fair skin was cooking so i needed to get out anyway. Now i am checking facebook and am anticipating a nap. Oh the lazy days of summer. They are so my favorite.

I hear a nap calling my name. (or maybe it's just the pizza). Oh, by the way we went there again today with Mom and dad, Tyler, Heather, Jim, Joe and Maggie and Evelyn. I did a 100 crunches in the swimming pool right afterward. Does that count for anything?

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