Friday, April 1, 2011

silly stuff I think about

Why is the abbreviation for example "e.g."?
Why is the abbreviation for pound "l.b." couldn't it have easily been p.d.?
Why would anyone name their baby daughter "Fannie". You can't tell me they looked at their baby and said, "OMG she looks like a Fannie".
Why is it spelled "spleen" but is spelled "splenectomy"? What happened to that other "e"?
Why do you go to a florist and pay an astronomical price for flowers that are not as pretty as the ones we mow down in our yard or the ones that grow on the hillside for free?
why do women plunk their eyebrows out and then draw them back on?
Why does the name Lloyd or Aaron need two L's and two A's. couldn't those names stand alone as Aron or Loyd? Couldn't the name Margo be the same without the T? Can you imagine how important the L, A and T feel?
Who would be stupid enough to buy a 20 oz soda for $1.29 when you can buy the same soda in a 1 liter for 99 cents? I guess the logic in that would be that ppl would look at you like you were crazy if you went into a convenient store and came out swigging a 1 liter.
Isn't it crazy to buy a new black and white ink cartridge for a computer for 60 dollars or you can buy a new printer (which includes a new black and white ink cartridge) for 39 dollars? This explains why we have at least 16 printers at our house.
The phrase "in lieu of flowers" How dumb does that sound? Does it actuallyl sound better than "instead of flowers"???
Who is Melba and does she even like toast?
Why do you say "sans" instead of without?
Why do you put (sic) when somethng is mispelled?
Why does raze mean tearing something down?

These are my thoughts and they are not actually from today but they are taken from the Darlo Communication book at work and thouht they were worth sharing.

Have a delightful April fools day. I left them a note today that said there were no outpatients scheduled with a sign that said APRIL FOOLS and then another page that had the actual stuff listed but it was written upside down. I was going to call in sick but oops, kinda overslept through that one.



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