Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scudderly Ridiculous

So, Nan and Barb Mac and I go to Larry's Pizza the other night. Wow. They bring all this pizza around and it is to died for. You know ppl in Virginia don't even know what dessert pizza is?

Before we went to Larry's Pizza we went to AMMC and heard a lady "story teller" who goes around the country telling stories for a living. Don't you think that I would be good at that? Telling stories for a living? My mom and dad provide enough stuff to keep me telling stories for years.

I have been relaxing in the pool today. I just got out so that Tyler and Heather could have some friends over. Anyway my fair skin was cooking so i needed to get out anyway. Now i am checking facebook and am anticipating a nap. Oh the lazy days of summer. They are so my favorite.

I hear a nap calling my name. (or maybe it's just the pizza). Oh, by the way we went there again today with Mom and dad, Tyler, Heather, Jim, Joe and Maggie and Evelyn. I did a 100 crunches in the swimming pool right afterward. Does that count for anything?

Friday, April 1, 2011

silly stuff I think about

Why is the abbreviation for example "e.g."?
Why is the abbreviation for pound "l.b." couldn't it have easily been p.d.?
Why would anyone name their baby daughter "Fannie". You can't tell me they looked at their baby and said, "OMG she looks like a Fannie".
Why is it spelled "spleen" but is spelled "splenectomy"? What happened to that other "e"?
Why do you go to a florist and pay an astronomical price for flowers that are not as pretty as the ones we mow down in our yard or the ones that grow on the hillside for free?
why do women plunk their eyebrows out and then draw them back on?
Why does the name Lloyd or Aaron need two L's and two A's. couldn't those names stand alone as Aron or Loyd? Couldn't the name Margo be the same without the T? Can you imagine how important the L, A and T feel?
Who would be stupid enough to buy a 20 oz soda for $1.29 when you can buy the same soda in a 1 liter for 99 cents? I guess the logic in that would be that ppl would look at you like you were crazy if you went into a convenient store and came out swigging a 1 liter.
Isn't it crazy to buy a new black and white ink cartridge for a computer for 60 dollars or you can buy a new printer (which includes a new black and white ink cartridge) for 39 dollars? This explains why we have at least 16 printers at our house.
The phrase "in lieu of flowers" How dumb does that sound? Does it actuallyl sound better than "instead of flowers"???
Who is Melba and does she even like toast?
Why do you say "sans" instead of without?
Why do you put (sic) when somethng is mispelled?
Why does raze mean tearing something down?

These are my thoughts and they are not actually from today but they are taken from the Darlo Communication book at work and thouht they were worth sharing.

Have a delightful April fools day. I left them a note today that said there were no outpatients scheduled with a sign that said APRIL FOOLS and then another page that had the actual stuff listed but it was written upside down. I was going to call in sick but oops, kinda overslept through that one.



Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I was a little shocked yesterday when Trevor called and said that he had had wreck #2 and had totalled my dad's truck.  I just had to say a big prayer, Thank you Lord that Trevor is actually calling me and telling me about it, instead of the state police at my door or me having to make a trip to the hospital to see him.    Thank you Lord!!! 

And on an aside note to God:   "Lord, I asked for the boys to have some of my qualities but not my driving abilities."  (or my singing, or my dancing, or my eyesight, or my drawing or my painting.   Oh goodness, I'm not sure what I want them to have like me.  I'll have to get back to you on that one."

Some people say I need to let go, I'm over protective, they are grown boys.  Others say I need to put my finger on them, settle them down, make them more responsible.  I say, goodness gracious.  Make up your mind. I can't do both.  THey didn't come with an instruction manual.  I'm winging it here.    I think all in all I have THE BEST BOYS ever.  I am truly blessed beyond measure.

until I think of more things to chat about,

oH yeah,  I really didn't go to the cardiologist.  It was for story's sake.  No MOM I didn't go to a CARDIOLOGIST.   Ok?  Calm down.   (this was a story in my 2nd blog)

Monday, March 28, 2011


We walked down the hallway at the Belle Meade Nursing home and heard Wild Thing, you make my heart sing.  I just thought that was like the most unappropriate song to hear out there.  I mean it's probably been years since any of those people out there have been wild things.  My mother said I might be surprised.  I said thanks for that mental picture.

I wonder why when it is about 5 minutes til 7 and I have to clock in before 7, that I always get behind the person who is either sight seeing or has all day?  I wonder why it takes him so long to pull his little truck into the turn lane.  I wonder how he would like to have a white Crysler Sebring Enema?  I wonder if he would feel bad if this fat girl had a heart attack while trying to run from the car to the time clock?   I bet the only thing you are wondering right now is why I can't get up a little earlier and start out a little earlier right?  I'm wondering that too.

I work at the hospital and I wonder why there are NO wheelchairs to be found on any given day and you can walk into the front door at WalMart and there are at least 10 at all times.  So next time a pink lady asks me if I know where a wheelchair is, I think I will just say "try WalMart". 

I won't go into detail but I just cant figure out who that person is who comes in at night while i sleep and puts stuff in my nose, fills my bladder up and makes my breath stink.  I think it's the same little bugger that goes in my closet and makes my clothes tighter.  I better not ever catch him, that's for sure.

I guess that's enough pondering for one day.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

my life as a 50 year old woman

I just turned 50 the other day.  I haven't had anyone ask me that question yet.  "How old are you Mrs. Scudder?"  Ooh . . . When they do I will probably look like my little weenie dog does when he is startled by a loud noise.  He suddenly does a cat-like move and all the hairs stand up on his back.  Either that or I'll faint dead out.

50.  The big kahuna.  Half of a hundred.  The angel on my right shoulder says, "50, it's just a number, life starts now, it'll be fun."  The devil on my left shoulder tells me, "It's arthritis, knee replacements, liver spots.  I mean it's enough just trying to deal with these young children calling me m'am."  When did I become a m'am?  Am I not a girl anymore?  How did that little girl who looks like she is in grade school get a job filling my prescriptions anyway?  (Drugs that I have to take now to keep my hormones in balance making my husband and children able to live with me.)  When did Doogie Houser go from being a t.v. show to reality?  A 10 year old (or so it seemed) came and wanted to go over my x-ray with me.  I wanted to know why a candy striper wanted to look at my x-rays.  He said, "I'm your cardiologist, m'am. Kind of made me glad I've eaten enough fast food over the years to clog up things so I can help old Doogie with his allowance. 

Then I got Doogie's bill in the mail.  Now that made my heart hurt.  I called his office to see if this could possibly be correct.  It was the price of a nice size vacation home.  Ok, not anywhere big, but maybe at Lake Norfork.  His office said the bill was correct.  She said it would have been cheaper if you would have signed up for that AARP supplement that you got in the mail when you turned . . . Oh, you did turn 50 didn't you Mrs. Scudder?

One thing I want to know for sure:  Is turning 50 going to keep getting better and better and more interesting every day?  Yes, m'am, it just has to.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scudderly ridiculous

Hello I'm 50 year old Darla J. Scudder, known by lots of titles, D.J., darlo, the X-ray Queen, Wolfie, but my favorite of all is Mom.   I will be married on April 25 for 24 years to my love Jimbo who i lovingly call Denzel (because Denzel Washington is the other love of my life).  My parents are Bill and Rosalee Lott and they are pretty amazing.  I have great stories about them.  My puppies are a source of love and companionship for me, Junie and Pokey.  My baby girl Lilly just got killed in January and that was a devastating blow to our family.  My in-laws are Dennis and Maleta Scudder.  They are the best.  She is on a journey now with multiple myeloma and we are all helping along that ride with her.  I have great friends, lots of them.  Friends I love dearly.  The ones that i enjoy girls night out a lot with are Linda K Northen, Barbara McDonald, Nan Dickey and Rachel Barrett.  They are fun.  I am a member of East Side Baptist Church in Paragould.  My son Tyler and his girlfriend Heather play in the orchestra there and i have to say I think the music there is amazing.  Amazing.  I love it when Jason Linam sings.  I have more than goosebumps.  Trevor also plays the drums at Christway Methodist Church in Jonesboro and he is A GREAT DRUMMER.  oh yeah!!

Now to my babies.  The two guys that I think are actually the best things since sliced bread.  Tyler and Trevor.  They are, in my opinion, the sweetest, nicest, most polite young men.  I can't say enough about them.  THey are also so talented too, can sing and play instruments and can just do anything.   And I am crazy about the girls that love them too.  Heather Reed and Caitlin LaFarlette.  I can see why Tyler and Trevor picked these two out.  They are just perfect for them!!

My nephew Cameron is also a joy in my life.  I love him soooo much.  I wish I had that relationship with my other nephew Eric.  I did have a great one when he was a baby and maybe one day I will get that back.  I sure hope so. 

My sister Carla is the smartest person I know.  I don't know how or why one head can retain such knowledge.  She was my google before anyone else had google.  I can remember lots of stuff and ppl come to me for questions but she has me beat by a long run.  I am the starting questions on Jeopardy, she is the final question!!

I work with a great bunch of ppl.  I won't list them all here but i will be blogging about them too from time to time.