Monday, March 28, 2011


We walked down the hallway at the Belle Meade Nursing home and heard Wild Thing, you make my heart sing.  I just thought that was like the most unappropriate song to hear out there.  I mean it's probably been years since any of those people out there have been wild things.  My mother said I might be surprised.  I said thanks for that mental picture.

I wonder why when it is about 5 minutes til 7 and I have to clock in before 7, that I always get behind the person who is either sight seeing or has all day?  I wonder why it takes him so long to pull his little truck into the turn lane.  I wonder how he would like to have a white Crysler Sebring Enema?  I wonder if he would feel bad if this fat girl had a heart attack while trying to run from the car to the time clock?   I bet the only thing you are wondering right now is why I can't get up a little earlier and start out a little earlier right?  I'm wondering that too.

I work at the hospital and I wonder why there are NO wheelchairs to be found on any given day and you can walk into the front door at WalMart and there are at least 10 at all times.  So next time a pink lady asks me if I know where a wheelchair is, I think I will just say "try WalMart". 

I won't go into detail but I just cant figure out who that person is who comes in at night while i sleep and puts stuff in my nose, fills my bladder up and makes my breath stink.  I think it's the same little bugger that goes in my closet and makes my clothes tighter.  I better not ever catch him, that's for sure.

I guess that's enough pondering for one day.


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