Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scudderly ridiculous

Hello I'm 50 year old Darla J. Scudder, known by lots of titles, D.J., darlo, the X-ray Queen, Wolfie, but my favorite of all is Mom.   I will be married on April 25 for 24 years to my love Jimbo who i lovingly call Denzel (because Denzel Washington is the other love of my life).  My parents are Bill and Rosalee Lott and they are pretty amazing.  I have great stories about them.  My puppies are a source of love and companionship for me, Junie and Pokey.  My baby girl Lilly just got killed in January and that was a devastating blow to our family.  My in-laws are Dennis and Maleta Scudder.  They are the best.  She is on a journey now with multiple myeloma and we are all helping along that ride with her.  I have great friends, lots of them.  Friends I love dearly.  The ones that i enjoy girls night out a lot with are Linda K Northen, Barbara McDonald, Nan Dickey and Rachel Barrett.  They are fun.  I am a member of East Side Baptist Church in Paragould.  My son Tyler and his girlfriend Heather play in the orchestra there and i have to say I think the music there is amazing.  Amazing.  I love it when Jason Linam sings.  I have more than goosebumps.  Trevor also plays the drums at Christway Methodist Church in Jonesboro and he is A GREAT DRUMMER.  oh yeah!!

Now to my babies.  The two guys that I think are actually the best things since sliced bread.  Tyler and Trevor.  They are, in my opinion, the sweetest, nicest, most polite young men.  I can't say enough about them.  THey are also so talented too, can sing and play instruments and can just do anything.   And I am crazy about the girls that love them too.  Heather Reed and Caitlin LaFarlette.  I can see why Tyler and Trevor picked these two out.  They are just perfect for them!!

My nephew Cameron is also a joy in my life.  I love him soooo much.  I wish I had that relationship with my other nephew Eric.  I did have a great one when he was a baby and maybe one day I will get that back.  I sure hope so. 

My sister Carla is the smartest person I know.  I don't know how or why one head can retain such knowledge.  She was my google before anyone else had google.  I can remember lots of stuff and ppl come to me for questions but she has me beat by a long run.  I am the starting questions on Jeopardy, she is the final question!!

I work with a great bunch of ppl.  I won't list them all here but i will be blogging about them too from time to time.

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